2015 Recap

I’m still at awe that another year has gone by. There are so many things to be thankful for; the blessings of good health, family, friends, travel, career, and the fulfillment of plans. Speaking of plans, budgeting was a big help this year. Writing each goal down and carefully planning for them made life less stressful.

It also made my 2015 wishlist easier to achieve. First, I was able to save up for my annual VUL payment. I also managed to begin stashing away an emergency fund, which I intend to grow more this 2016.

Funding my graduate studies also happened last year. I decided to take up a Master in Development Communication through the University of the Philippines’ Open University. I’m now enrolling again for the 2nd semester!

Travel-wise, I was able to take my little sister on an out-of-the-country vacation in Myanmar. That was such an enriching trip and quite affordable too, if you plan it properly. (Note: Click here to see highlights of our trip as captured by Project Magellan.) Our family also revisited Bacolod and enjoyed their delicious food.

We were also able to maximize the holidays as we spend the New Year on the beach for the first time! Special thanks to Jo & Johnny’s Dive Inn at Tali Beach for accommodating us, 11 hoomans and six dogs. It made the memories so much fun, not just with the whole family being there, but also some of our furbabies were on the beach for the first time in their dog years! (Note: Please always inform the resort ahead of time, for their approval, if you are bringing any pets. Jo & Johnny’s charges PhP300/pet/night, which is fair enough considering not all resorts allow pets in their property.)

Budgeting is definitely something I’ll continue this year and well after that. It’s definitely a skill that one should constantly develop. You really do get to enjoy more out of life when you have less worries. There’s still a long, long, long way for me to go in terms of achieving bigger goals, though, like buying a house and having financial freedom. But I’m hopeful, that gradually, I will claim it.

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