Au Brilla: A Natural Solution for All Skin Types

A few months ago my sister and her friend started their own company  called Au Brilla Skin Solutions. They manufacture and sell a product line composed of soaps, moisturizers, lotions, and make-up, among others, that are made mainly from natural ingredients. A variety of skin concerns is addressed like ageing, acne, dark underarms, and more. You can read about Au Brilla Skin Solutions by clicking here.


My sister (left) poses with Au Brilla's regular customer, Coleen, at the Super Sale Bazaar

I personally like promoting them, not just because of family ties, but also because of their safe, effective, and cruelty-free products. Though the company is fairly new and available on Instagram and Facebook, Au Brilla has been actively participating in bazaars with much success. It has also been featured in Unang Hirit.


With the ladies of UG: Connie, Susan, and Luanne

I learn a lot of things by helping out from time to time, mostly promoting the company’s products and events. It’s also a good way of augmenting one’s income, if you want to have a business while still working full-time. I also sell the products and my officemates  and friends have been my best customers and promoters too.


Me as storekeeper and sometimes flyer girl

If you’re interested to know more about Au Brilla and it’s amazing product line, you may contact +639258274552 or e-mail

(Watch out for my next post featuring my little sister’s up and coming toy store: Loops Through Loops.)

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