2014 Recap

Not so long ago, in 2014, I began a  personal tradition of revisiting goals I’ve set at the start of the year and creating new ones for the next year. It helps me keep track of the changes I’ve made in my life and be able to look forward to the coming year filled with positivity. Looking back has really been an eye-opener for me because I usually regard my day-to-day as uneventful pieces of my life, not realizing that the little things I did have a big impact on my year.

One of the big surprises for me is how sticking to my budget plan afforded me a stress-free holidays. Everything went according to plan. Although there were some unexpected expenses, particularly medical, I did not struggle much because of my rainy day fund.

Second, I finally made up my mind about life insurance. I found one that is very affordable and also enable me to save up for retirement. On a side note, investing in a UITF went well this year. I invested in equities which yielded more than 10% return. I ended up using the money I invested to fund my life insurance.

I was also able to close a credit card account and am well on my way to closing a second one. I intend to keep my third card, since the interest rate is lower and no annual dues. I’m learning how to use a credit card responsibly now.

2014 was also a year of learning. I’m glad to have invested in attending seminars on social media management, events management, marketing communications, and real estate investment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to lock-down my plans for graduate school soon.

While there are other things that I’m still working on right now, I am happy with what I was able to accomplish so far and hope to be able to do so much more this time around. A look back in 2014 made me realize that I’m not looking to have a “new year, new me” thing. Instead, I see many positive things that I would like to continue doing and improving my game plan along the way.

Happy New Year!


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