How my ‘ghost’ month went

August has been known around our office as the ‘ghost’ month, when not much really happens. This is because the superstitious does not want to engage in any business deals around this time for fear that it might bring bad luck.

August also brought with it two non-working holidays August 21 (Thursday) August 25 (Monday). Lucky for me, I had too many unused vacation leaves to spare and was able to use one of them to create the longest weekend of the year.

I used the much-needed free time to spend time with the family out of town. My sisters and I spend quiet afternoons bringing out the artists in us. We brought this “painting by the numbers” set along with us and pretended to be painters. Despite the lack of television where we were, I was able to keep boredom at bay with this.


No TV. No problem.

I also tried to catch up on my reading. The book, Mind Over Money, was something I didn’t plan on buying. I was intent on Robert Kiyosaki’s Retire Young, Retire Rich, which I did buy too. Though I’m still halfway through the book, I really like how the subject matter combines personal finance and psychology. I thought I’d be bored, but I’m quite surprised.


My sister even made me this cute origami bookmark

Lastly, I also revisited the goals I’ve set this year and even created ones for the long-term. I’m super excited for the plans I’ve made for the next two years and hope that I’ll have enough guts to follow through. It could really be a game changer.


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