My Vision Board


Last June 25, I was invited by the Asia CEO Forum to attend a very unique talk by one very special speaker. Rebecca Bustamante used to work in Singapore and then Canada as a domestic helper. She was able to develop herself over the years and became the CEO of her own company, the Asia CEO Forum.

Her story is such an inspiration. One of the things that struck me the most is her ability to set goals and stick to them. Rebecca truly has the determination and vision to succeed. To know more about her story, click this link:

She emphasizes that your dream should be clear to you and you must be able to visualize it everyday. In my previous post, I wrote down my goals for 2014. Amazingly, some of them have already happened. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to follow through with my long-term goals. I decided to give my goal-setting a boost by creating my very own vision board, as seen above.

Taking a cue from Rebecca, I am glad to claim my dreams and share them with you, or at least five of them:

1. Health -Start practicing yoga this year for a healthier and balanced life. Be able to practice yoga on my own, without signing up for a class, by July 2016.

2. Travel – Go at least once a year to a place I have never been before.

3. Spend my retirement by the beach.

4. Buy my own house by 2018.

5. Rescue and help stray animals.

Creating a vision board is fun and easy to do. You can download inspirational photos and put them together through Picsart. I chose to save it as a wallpaper in my phone so I can see it everyday. It is also important to note that when claiming your goals, you shouldn’t start with “I wish…” or “I want to…”. Otherwise, it would all just be wishful thinking. In time and with much perseverance, I am positive everything will fall into place.

4 thoughts on “My Vision Board

  1. Will try this soon! 🙂 Most of my goals are just written. It feels different when you see it. Thanks for the tip…

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  3. I enjoyed browsing through your posts. I guess we have a lot of things in common. I have a vision board like this and I just love seeing my visions become a reality. Cheers to perfect health, to more travel, to financial freedom, and more happy people in the universe! Looking forward to learning from your beautiful journey. 🙂

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