Ooh Lala Online Shopping

For someone who’s broke, one would think online shopping would be something I should be avoiding like a plague. It’s like pulling a Lindsay Lohan and going to a party. However, you would be surprised that this internet-based alternative is actually helping me develop better habits when it comes to shopping. Here’s how:

1. Saves time (and energy) – I’m usually the kind of shopper who scopes out the whole mall before deciding which items I like best. While very strategic and keeps me from overspending, it is also takes a lot of time and ends in a lot of  frustration, mostly on the part of an unlucky companion. Online shopping allows me to set aside in my virtual cart the items I like and review them once I’m satisfied with my search.

2. Variety – Most online platforms like Zalora carry a plethora of brands. Some are only exclusive to them, like Ezra which is my go-to brand nowadays. The designs are ultra chic, good quality, and budget-friendly.

Although variety can be overwhelming, online shopping makes it more convenient by adding filters to your searches. You can sort items according to price, brand, size, color, etc.

3. Saves money – Aside from the shopping itself, a trip to the mall also has added costs like transportation and food. Online shopping, on the other hand, saves you money as you conveniently shop while in the comforts of your own room. Shipping fee only costs around Php 100. Zalora even ships your items for free if you reach Php 1000 worth of purchase. And if you have a valid reason to return an item, e.g. wrong size, you can call customer service and have the item picked up and replaced for free.

Before paying for my items online, I also get to check first how much my total is against my budget. If the total turns out to be more than I allotted for, I can conveniently remove any item/s so that I can stick to my budget. To me, that is priceless. It’s something that I can’t fathom doing in an actual store.

Depending on the online platform you use, online shopping can have additional perks like big discounts and special offers that are not available in stores. Some also have a cash on delivery option, which saves you from racking up on credit card debt.

Online shopping, if done correctly and in moderation, can be fashioned as a tool to efficiently shop for clothes and other items without breaking the bank. As you would other expenses, assign a budget before you start shopping and stick to it. Review your cart before checking out all the items and buy only the things that are necessary.

[You might want to check out http://www.zalora.com.ph for a convenient shopping experience. Enjoy!]

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