The Perks of Staying Home

Social media is teeming with suggestions on how or where to spend a weekend and holidays. People we know are often posting about where they will be off to or what they will be doing.

Not everyone has a variety of options as it usually requires spending a significant amount. It does not mean, however, that we have to sit around all day sourgraping. Sometimes, it is really about enjoying the simple things.

As a home buddy, I really enjoy the perks of staying at home. One can have a TV series marathon with the family, enjoying all sorts of snacks readily available from the kitchen. There is also unlimited WiFi, so you can connect with your friends online or do some research. I personally like looking up personal finance and investment tips. For more quiet time, catch up on your favorite book/novel.

You don’t have to stay indoors all the time too. Like this morning, I woke up crazy early and went jogging with my dog. Living in the city, Wacko, my jack russell terrier, doesn’t usually get a lot of nice, long outdoor runs. I also treated my family to a good breakfast at a nearby cafe. I was also supposed to visit my sister in her condo and lounge by the pool, but my afternoon nap got a little bit extended. After all, vacations are intended for much needed relaxation, right?

Most importantly, spend quality time with the family. Have a good conversation, create memories. Today, we had quite a few laughs over lunch about what my mom posted on Facebook. It sounds simple, but those kinds of moments will really get you through a rough day. One could have the toughest luck at work, but you don’t worry because you know, at the end of the day when you go home, it will not matter.

As I started writing this blog entry, I was only thinking about how best to spend a vacation while at home. I didn’t think it would shape up to making me realize what makes me happy and grateful. When you really strip things down to the core, you will see the things that really matter the most. I encourage you, whoever might be reading, to do the same and spend more time in the peace and quiet of your home. Instead if throwing away money at things that will make you happy for a while, spend more time finding out what will make you happy for a longer time.

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