Wicked Manila


One of my new year’s resolutions is to find joy in giving. It might seem a peculiar one given my financial situation. You would think I’m better off being my tightwad old self. However, I believe it is a very important part of changing my perspective about money.

My little sister’s birthday happens to be last January. She has been very curious about the hit broadway musical Wicked coming to Manila a couple of months before her birthday. Upon checking out the schedule and ticket prices, I decided to get two balcony seats for us and surprise her with them. Just my luck too because I received my 13th month pay around that time and was able to afford the tickets. (Note: Don’t worry, though, I saved a portion of that and it’s still intact to date.)

As January 26th grew closer, my sister and I got more and more excited. Idina Menzel’s Defying Gravity was played on every night in my sister’s laptop, in anticipation of watching Wicked. Fastforward to the big day, we were in CCP 30 minutes early. We made a stop by the merchandise booth. Items like shirts, mugs, CDs and programs were much too pricey. My sister and I settled to sharing binoculars at PhP 300, practical and cute souvenir.

I really enjoyed the show, with its incredible wit and humor. It had an excellent cast who sang our favorites really well. Although, Idina Menzel remains incomparable. I particularly like Glinda’s costumes and the set designs. It added greatly to the magic of it all. My little sister, of course, enjoyed it too. I ended up giving her the binoculars for most of the show, seeing that she was really hooked. After the show, my sister had the chance to have her picture taken with one of the actresses.

It was a memorable experience. I was able to fulfill my sister’s birthday wish without breaking the bank. Getting balcony seats is the less expensive way to go about it and still get to experience the magic.

Most of all, it was a great bonding moment for us. The last time we watched a play/musical together, that’s not for school, is back when we were still kids. It was Oliver at the Meralco Theatre.

I truly found joy in giving this time. I realized that some things are really worth the money. It also helps to plan ahead so you can afford to buy a nice present for a loved one.

My Ate’s birthday is coming up this month. I wonder what to give her…

2 thoughts on “Wicked Manila

  1. hi there, ask ko lang. What time did they arrived? or you took that photo with Jemma Rix after the show na? I was planning to wait for them at the side entrance for autograph. 🙂

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