Goals To Make 2014 Awesome

Because I had almost two weeks vacation over the holidays, I had plenty of time to sort things in my life. I started listing things that made me happy last 2013 and things that didn’t quite work out. My final output is a list of 10 things I should do to make 2014 my best year yet:

1. Stay healthy and fit. – One of the things I love about 2013 is not getting hospitalized. To add, I’d also like to improve my posture by taking up yoga.

2. Continue saving and investing. – There are 3 big ticket items I’d like to start saving up for, while continuing to put money for retirement: travel to Europe by myself when I turn 30, take up my masteral in Foreign Service, and buying a house.

3. Learn a new skill and develop a new hobby. One fun thing to do and one developmental thing to beef up my credentials.

4. Better budgeting.

5. Resolve credit card debt. Don’t get into more debt.

6. Seek better opportunities. Bring career to a new height.

7. Travel. At least one beach outing with family and one with college friends.

8. Tithe regularly.

9. Proceed as if awesome. (Apologies, this part seems a bit shady but only because I’m keeping some personal details to myself.)

10. Find joy in giving.

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