The Year That Was

I started blogging again this year and promised myself that I would do so regularly. Once every two months is still regularly, right? Well, starting this blog is one of the things that made me happy this year. It made me more open to share things that I would have otherwise kept to myself. It also gave me the push I need to go out there and do some learning.

This year started out terribly for me in terms of finances. I had a lot of consumer and business-related debts on my credit cards and paying off hospitalization bill and medicines from the last quarter of 2012.

I’m thankful, though, because my failures allowed me to become better at learning. At the end of the year, I was proud of how I handled my finances, especially my 13th month pay. Though I still have debt, I am more confident to face the coming years because I now have a concrete plan.

Looking forward, I am excited to share more of my experiences. I already set my goals for 2014. Can’t wait fir more amazing results!

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