Budget Travel to Bali (Part 3)

After the excitement and adventure of the previous days, Day Three is dedicated for a much needed relaxation and shopping. We got a really good deal from Beny, a travel agent we met while looking for a money changer the night before. Our day started with a full body massage at the Yenny Gunawan Spa. For around 100,000 rupiah, the package also included transfers to and from the hotel. Just by showing Beny’s calling card, we got a 25% discount for a truly relaxing Balinese massage. (Note: Beny is from Jack’s Bali Adventure Tours. Contact no. 081338649682)

We also rented a car from Beny at 600,000 rupiah (divided among three of us). The car will take us to and around Ubud for the whole day, accompanied vby an English-speaking driver. Our tour of Ubud began with a trip two big shops. The first one is dedicated for Batik-making and the other is a showcase of Bali’s gold and silver jewelry. We ended up empty-handed because the items were too expensive. It was nice, though, to have seen how they make their traditional art.


Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Our next stop is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Entrance fee is only 20,000 rupiah. We had a fun time taking pictures, exploring the forest, and trying our best not to be attacked by its sinister dwellers. We also had the chance to see the souvenir shops nearby. I really had my heart set on buying a painting.

The usual subject are perspectives of sceneries like the Tanah Lot and ricefields. A small painting costs 30,000 rupiah near the Monkey Forest and as much as 120,000 rupiah in the Ubud market if you don’t know how to haggle. My sister and I were able to buy two 12×12 (medium-sized) abstract paintings at 150,000 rupiah for both. We also bought our pasalubong in the Ubud market, like Bali chocolate and ginger coffee.



Our tour was supposed to end with a sunset view from Tanah Lot but we got caught up in heavy traffic. Note that Bali’s roads are smaller and better suited for motorcycles and bikes. You would have better luck if you know how to ride a motorbike. Our hotel even offers free use.

We returned to the hotel and regrouped with our friend who went scuba diving while we were going around Ubud. To celebrate our last night in Bali, we decided to have dinner in Kuta where the night life is. The cab ride from Sanur is around 90,000 rupiah. Kuta turned out to be a really busy place. We took this opportunity to eat nasi goreng, satay chicken, and bakmi for the last time. One of the highlights of our trip is eating delicious Indonesian food at an affordable price.

Before going back to the hotel, we made sure to change our remaining dollars to rupiah so that we will have enough for the cab ride to the airport and breakfast the following morning. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate the 150,000 rupiah per person that we have to pay at the airport. We had to pool our money together to come up with enough cash. Oh, the perks of traveling with friends! By then, we were all out of rupiah and had to buy breakfast at the airplane with our pesos.

It would be nice to go back to Bali someday with my family. There are still many other tourist spots to explore. Given our miscalculations at the beginning, the Bali trip could still be cheaper. Can’t wait for more trips like this 🙂

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