Budget Travel to Bali (Part 2)

Learning from our mistakes, we took planning our tours a little more seriously for the next couple of days. Day Two was adventure time. We booked an eco-cycling tour that I was also looking forward too. The damage is 350,000 rupiah, but very good value for your money. The trip started with a breakfast buffet overlooking Mt. Batur.


We also visited a coffee plantation where we got a taste of the famous Luwak coffee and sampled other coffee and tea products.


We headed to the bike trail with mostly downhill roads. It was the first time I rode a bike as an adult and was really nervous at first. But then, Bali’s serene surroundings and children saying hello left and right calmed my nerves a bit.


Our stopovers really helped us see the real Bali. Wayan, our guide, took us to a typical Balinese community and explained how they go about their daily lives. Every now and then we stop to see the rice paddies, corn fields, and temples, among others. The tour already includes transportation, buffet breakfast, bike, guide, and buffet lunch. You may want to check them out at http://www.baliecocyclingtour.com.


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