When starting from broke

Starting from broke is very tricky. You try your best to balance living a modest life, but not depriving yourself in the process. There’s a lot of self-talk, regrets, and being anxious to get it all over with.

It usually starts with the blame game. I thought someone must have ripped me off. It’s the bank’s fault for issuing me a credit card. It’s my boss’s fault for not giving me a raise sooner. It’s the government’s fault because of the huge tax cuts on my salary. Had I realized sooner that no one ripped me off but myself, things would have gone a bit differently.

Then, there’s also regret. I could have started buying my first rental property or taken up a post graduate degree or treated my whole family to a vacation outside the country. But instead, I’m living paycheck to paycheck so I can take care of my financial obligations.

Lastly, expect the noise. Not everyone will understand your predicament. Sometimes you will be called a cheapskate or a tightwad. Some would even think you have a lot of money saved up already. To turn my life around, I seek the help of experts through their books and seminars. I listen to motivational audiobooks. Because I do these, it is sometimes inevitable that it comes up in a conversation. In my case, the topic comes up so much, I overheard someone comment that I worship money! How absurd!

Seriously, the only reason I’m striving hard to be successful financially is bacause I do not want to think about money ever again. I want focus on the important things in life like spending time with the people you love, learning different cultures, and giving back to the community.

Starting from broke may not be easy. There may be more than just financial struggles involved. But the key is to move forward. Don’t listen to the noise and, in my case, watch what you say.

I hope before the year ends, I’ll have a proper conclusion to this post. Something like , “Everything turned out great and I lived happily ever after.”

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