Isn’t saving kinda frustrating?

wpid-facebook_-700412803.jpgIn fulfillment of my childhood dream, I welcomed 2013 by buying the biggest piggy bank I can find friom SM. It was in the shape of a coiled rattle snake, in honor of this year’s animal sign. I swore it will be filled with 5 and 10 peso coins by the end of the year. True to my word, I never missed a day putting my spare change in there. Sad to say, however, I barely made it yet to the neck (if snakes have necks). The anticipation is starting to get to me. I already have brilliant ideas for the amount I’ll end up having.

The same feeling goes for my uitf account. I save up every month for it and I’m supposed to wait ten years to maximize the accumulated earnings. Soon enough, I’ll have a VUL that will take me 10 years to pay and wait till I’m 65 to benefit from it.

Isn’t saving kinda frustrating? It takes a long time before you can reward yourself, delayed gratification. On the other hand, it also gives assuran ce that you have something to fall back on, in case of unforeseen circumstances. It’s also
better than being in bad credit card debt.

I guess there’s no conclusion to this yet. One thing is for sure though: I’ll be dreamingabout the nice things I’ll buy with my piggy bank savings:)

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