Notes from “Why We Want You To Be Rich”

I have been a fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s book since I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad. His principles on money and wealth make sense to me and motivate me to take action on my own finances. That’s why I was so excited when I saw this book in our office library, Why We Want You To Be Rich, a book he co-wrote with Donald Trump. Here are my notes/favorite quotes from the book:

1. On becoming rich: Find your own secret formula.

2. On goal-setting: Any goal without a process is just a dream.

3. On the importance of building knowledge: Money does not make you rich. Knowledge does.

4. On preparation: Being ready sure beats being taken by surprise.

5. On complacency: Do not fall for that comfort zone happy state. Don’t be short-sighted.

6. On being stubborn: Being stubborn is a big part of being a winner.

7. On personal and financial development: Follow One Course Until Successful.

8. On taking action: Avoiding what can radically alter your life in a beneficial way is not the best choice

9. On investing: There are only two things you can invest — time and money.

10. On having a winning attitude: Winners take control by accepting responsibility.

11. On making excuses: Replace your excuses with reasons and things will become clearer.

12. On expectations: The worst disservice we can do to ourselves is to expect things to be easy.

13. On relying on the government: Let go of entitlement mentality and become rich so you can solve your own problem.

14. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

To be honest, after reading many Kiyosaki books, Trump’s wisdom on building your wealth is a pleasant change of pace. Both men are true visionaries and share a common concern in promoting financial education to all. I also like that these two men who have achieved so much success are advocating network marketing not just as a vehicle to wealth, but also a learning tool for those who want hands-on experience in business but has little capital.

Many people are afraid of MLM or networking companies because they are expecting to be duped. I cannot blame them, given the many horror stories of people losing money or given false hope. That’s why Kiyosaki and Trump advises to join a company with a good track record and educational program. As someone who is in a network marketing business, I agree that the greatest value I received from joining is not the additional income but the lessons I learned and continue to learn.

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